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Ensure Our Right To Vote! COMELEC, Do not disenfranchise overseas voters!

Overseas voting for the Philippine National Elections was supposed to begin on April 10, 2022. However, many of our kababayan here in Canada still have not received their ballots from their consulates and Embassy. Right now, we only have 15 more days before the polls close on May 9, local time to match the end the voting in the Philippine. Challenges and issues with the entire election process in the context of he continuing COVID-19 pandemic starting from the overseas registration requirements and timeline, the lack of voters education, the lack of timely and clear advisories and information, and the delayed delivery from the COMELEC of the ballots to the foreign posts expose the many ways that concretely show that we continue to be disenfranchised, making it hard for voters to exercise their right to vote.

BAYAN Canada with its 37 member organizations, along with other Filipino organizations are in communication and dialogue with the Philippine consulates and the Embassy in Canada to ensure we can exercise the right to vote as overseas Filipino voters. We continue to work for clean, honest and fair elections.

We call on the COMELEC to be proactive and listen to the concerns of overseas Filipino voters. We urge the COMELEC to check on their foreign posts so no further disenfranchisement can happen and that proper information reaches overseas voters.

COMELEC, huwag kaming pagkaitan ng karapatan na bumoto! COMELEC, do not disenfranchise us! As COMELEC, do your task to ensure our right to suffrage!

We will continue to be vigilant.



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