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Mother's Day / Araw ng Mga Ina (2022)

Happy Mother's Day to all of our nanays!

We dedicate this day to all of the mothers who are or were overseas Filipino workers and for our migrant mothers.

Mothers who chose to work abroad and took the risk to be separated from their family for years in order to provide for them. Mothers who continue to fight for justice and teach their children and other children to stand up for what is right.

Today, we also remember mothers who are no longer with us today, mothers who are unjustly detained in jail such as Reina Mae Nasino and Amanda Echanis, mothers who became undocumented, mothers who are deported, mothers who continue to struggle due to the exploitative and oppressive systems both abroad and in our motherland, the Philippines.

With the Philippine elections starting today back home, let us remember that we are not only voting for ourselves but for the future of our children and their children. For our motherland.

Sa gobyernong tapat, hindi na sapilitan ang migrasyon! Sa gobyernong tapat, manggagawa aangat!



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