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Araw ng Kalayaan 2022

Defend our sovereignty! Unite against the return of the Marcos-Duterte regime! Fight for genuine freedom and democracy in the Philippines!

Today, we commemorate the 124th year of the so-called Philippine “Independence” Day. Migrante Canada recognizes that there is still no genuine freedom and democracy in the Philippines since it was declared in 1988. Puppet president Rodrigo Duterte has been serving the interests of imperialist powers US and China through political, economic and military policies. Just like Duterte and Marcos Sr. there is no doubt that the Marcos-Duterte administration will continue to be subservient to their imperialist masters.

We must remember that Ferdinand Marcos Sr., father of president-elect Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., who enforced martial law institutionalized migration through the Labor Export Program in 1974. Almost forty-eight years later, around 6,000 Filipinos leave the country every day to look for jobs and opportunities outside the Philippines. The remittances of our Filipinos overseas, especially our OFWs, keep our economy afloat but it is the interests of those in power such as the Marcoses and Dutertes and their imperialist masters that keep us in debt. With his last days in office, Duterte leaves OFWs with imposed mandatory fees for Pag-ibig, SSS, PhilHealth premium increase and compulsory insurance. Duterte has increased our debt to P13 trillion pesos and we can expect Marcos Jr. to bury us deeper in debt as he imposes more taxes, borrows more loans and implements anti-people policies.

As long as the Philippines is under the control of imperialist countries US and China, Filipinos will continue to suffer and independence will be an illusion. Filipinos will keep leaving the country as migrant workers and experience abuse and exploitation in host countries. Labour export was used by Marcos Sr. as a solution to the Philippines’ economic crises and will surely be intensified by Marcos-Duterte and worsen the conditions for our migrant workers and their families.

Migrante Canada calls on our fellow Filipino migrants and our international community to unite against the return of Marcos-Duterte tandem into power. As Filipinos overseas, let us continue our demand to address the root causes of migration and end the Labour Export Program. Let us strengthen our fight for genuine freedom and democracy in the Philippines, resist all fascist attacks against our rights and reject the Marcos-Duterte regime!

Trabaho sa Pinas, Hindi sa Labas! Serbisyo, Hindi Negosyo! Tunay na Kalayaan, Ipaglaban! Atin ang Pinas, US at China, Layas!



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